About Paxi
With the launch of chatGPT, AI has witnessed an explosive development, resulting in an ever-increasing number of AI-based tools. We, on the one hand, are excited about the emergence of new tools every day, and on the other hand, feel overwhelmed by the plethora of similar options available. We understand the dilemma you might face and thus, created Paxi.
Paxi is like a helpful and friendly guide who will assist you on your journey into the world of AI. She can present various possibilities in the AI world, help you choose the tools that best suit your needs, or even design a workflow based on your descriptions to help you achieve your objectives. We hope that Paxi can save you time and become the first resource you turn to whenever you have AI-related requirements.
Paxi is your AI assistant, and it has been deeply influenced by AI itself. In fact, the name "Paxi" was also taken from chatGPT. If you want to learn more about the AI behind Paxi, please subscribe to our newsletter, and we will reveal all the details.
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