Image Generator
Amazing AI
Amazing AI
Generate images from text using Stable Diffusion locally on your Mac
Image Generator

Simply describe the image you want, and the software will create it like magic!

Developed exclusively for Apple silicon (M1/M2)

Amazing AI uses Stable Diffusion which is a text-to-image deep learning algorithm that generates detailed pictures based on text descriptions.

The app has been greatly optimized and is powered by the Apple Neural Engine.

Amazing AI benefits

It is faster and consumes less energy since it makes advantage of the Apple Neural Engine and new macOS optimizations.

The user interface is native. (DiffusionBee is a web app wrapped with Electron which does not follow platform conventions)

Different prompts are generated in batches. (DiffusionBee supports batch for the same prompt only)

Support for shortcuts

Sandboxed (More secure)

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