Augmentir uses AI to optimize frontline operations in manufacturing organizations.
Human Resources

Augmentir is a cutting-edge solution for manufacturing organizations looking to streamline their frontline operations.

Key Features:

Purposeful AI: Leverage AI technology to assess variance between expected and actual outcomes in work processes.

Connected Worker Solution: Digitize frontline processes to enable smarter insights and support for workers.

Targeted Upskilling: Enable targeted reskilling and upskilling to optimize workforce productivity.

Individualized Guidance: Provide individualized guidance and support to frontline workers to maximize their potential.

Use Cases:

• Streamline frontline operations in manufacturing organizations with AI-powered insights and purposeful guidance.

• Digitize processes from "hire to retire" to reduce non-productive time and improve workforce productivity.

• Targeted reskilling and upskilling to optimize workforce productivity and support individual growth.

• Individualized guidance and support to enable workers to perform at their highest level.

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