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Skincare app & AI-powered guide to perfect skin with 99.1% accuracy.
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AweMyFace — Skincare App is a comprehensive tool for skin health and wellness, offering AI-driven features to track and improve skin condition. Key features and advantages include:

AI-powered acne detection: 99.1% accuracy in detecting acne and tracking skin changes

Routine tracking: Monitors daily habits, such as food, sleep, sports, and stress, to understand their impact on skin health

Progress reports: Provides daily, weekly, and monthly reports to track skin improvement

Offline functionality: All features available offline, with user data securely stored on the device

Use cases for AweMyFace are ideal for various individuals:

Skincare enthusiasts seeking to monitor and improve their skin health

Individuals with acne-prone skin looking for personalized recommendations and progress tracking

Health-conscious users aiming to understand the impact of daily habits on their skin

Overall, AweMyFace offers a comprehensive solution for tracking and improving skin health, with a focus on acne detection and personalized recommendations.

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