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BlackBox AI
BlackBox AI
Coding assistant to code 10x faster, extract code from videos, & autocomplete.
Code Assistant

BLACKBOX AI is a Chrome extension designed to help developers efficiently copy code from various formats and enhance their coding experience. Key features and advantages include:

AI-powered: Offers auto-complete coding capabilities in over 20 programming languages

Seamless search: Access over 100 million open source code repositories directly from Visual Studio Code

Code extraction: Extract code from videos, images, PDFs, and more for faster coding

Compatibility: Works with any IDE, web browser, or database

Free sign-up: No credit card required for registration

Use cases for BLACKBOX AI are ideal for various developers:

Software developers seeking to efficiently copy code from multiple formats

Programmers aiming to accelerate their coding process with AI-powered auto-complete

Development teams looking to improve their workflow with seamless code repository access

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