Copy, paste and translate text from any image, video or PDF.

Copyfish is a free OCR software that helps to extract text from images, videos or PDF. Some of its features and advantages are:

Saves time and effort by eliminating the need to retype text from images

Supports various forms of images such as photographs, charts, diagrams, screenshots, PDF documents, comics, error messages, memes, Flash, and YouTube movies

Enables users to easily google, store, email or translate the extracted text

Free to use and available for download

User-friendly and fun to use

Use cases for Copyfish 🐟 include:

Extracting text from images for research purposes

Translating text from images to different languages

Saving important information from images for future reference

Converting PDF documents into editable text

Overall, Copyfish is a useful tool for anyone who needs to extract text from images quickly and efficiently.

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