Create 3D animations from videos using body tracking for games and AR/VR

DeepMotion is an AI-powered motion capture and real-time body tracking tool that generates 3D animations from videos. Key features and advantages include:

Four products: Animate 3D, Real-Time Body Tracking, Virtual Reality Tracking, and Motion Brain cater to diverse animation needs

AI and markerless motion capture: Industry-leading web and mobile solution for creating and animating digital characters

Experienced team: Led by veterans from Blizzard, Pixar, and Disney, driving innovation in Motion Intelligence

Use cases for DeepMotion are ideal for various industries:

3D animation: Easily create animations from videos for films, games, and marketing content

Virtual Reality: Develop immersive full-body avatars for VR experiences

Digital character creation: Transform digital beings from animated to alive with Motion Brain

Partnered with leading companies like Samsung, Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Intel, DeepMotion offers optimized performance and an enhanced user experience.

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