Fordi AI
AI-assisted brainstorming for everyday work topics and solutions
Human Resources

Fordi is an online platform designed to facilitate sharing feedback at work anytime, with AI bot assistance for brainstorming solutions to a variety of work-related questions.

Key Features:

AI-powered brainstorming: Generate innovative solutions for everyday work topics.

Versatile question handling: Address a wide range of work-related queries.

Easy-to-use platform: Share feedback at work effortlessly and quickly.

Improve decision-making: Utilise AI insights to make informed choices.

Use Cases:

• Receive recommendations on client dinner locations or other business-related venues.

• Seek advice for handling challenging workplace situations or interpersonal conflicts.

• Enhance your decision-making process with AI-generated suggestions.

• Promote a culture of continuous feedback and improvement at work.

Leverage Fordi's AI-assisted brainstorming to navigate everyday work topics and find innovative solutions, fostering a culture of continuous growth and improvement.

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