Free Subtitles AI
Free Subtitles AI
Create subtitles for movies with free open source app!

Free Subtitles AI is a free AI tool that generates subtitles for audio and video content. Key features and advantages include:

Multiple options: Automatic download link input, language and model selection, and translation into different languages

File size and duration: Free users can upload files up to 300 MB and one-hour duration, while paid users can upload up to 10 GB and 10 hours duration

Language options: 111 languages available, including auto-detection for optimal efficiency

Model selection: Choose from nine models with varying size and accuracy levels

Use cases for Free Subtitles AI cater to various content creators:

Video producers seeking accurate subtitles for their content

Podcasters aiming to make their audio content accessible to a wider audience

Educators and trainers looking to provide transcripts and translations for their materials

Overall, Free Subtitles AI offers a reliable and versatile solution for generating subtitles, making it an excellent choice for content creators with limited resources.

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