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Hacker AI detects vulnerabilities in source code.
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Hacker AI is an AI-powered code audit tool designed to identify and fix potential security weaknesses in source code. Key features and advantages include:

Vulnerability detection: Scans source code for security issues, such as SQL injection, LFI, and RCE

Prevent security breaches: Helps organizations detect and fix vulnerabilities to protect against cyberattacks

Free during beta: No account creation required, and users receive vulnerability reports within 10 minutes

Use cases for Hacker AI are ideal for various organizations:

Businesses seeking to prevent security breaches by identifying vulnerabilities in their source code

Government agencies aiming to enhance their cybersecurity posture with AI-driven code audits

Developers looking to improve the security of their applications through automated code analysis

Overall, Hacker AI offers a powerful and accessible solution for detecting and fixing security vulnerabilities in source code, backed by the experienced cybersecurity agency, AckViz.

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