Hints, an AI-powered assistant for seamless software automation and productivity management.

With Hints, you can communicate as if you're talking to an actual assistant, and it will handle tasks such as to-dos, project management, networking, and adding data to tables across various software platforms.

Key Features:

AI-Powered Automation: Hints integrates with any software to perform tasks on your behalf, streamlining your workflow.

Seamless Communication: Talk to Hints as you would to a human assistant, and it will understand and execute your commands.

Time Saver: Hints sends structured updates to productivity software from your phone, saving you time on manual organization.

Use Cases:

Busy professionals seeking to increase productivity and efficiency.

Teams looking to streamline project management and task delegation.

Individuals aiming to optimize their networking efforts and personal organization.

Unlock the power of productivity without maintenance and achieve your goals more effectively with Hints, the AI assistant that seamlessly integrates with your favorite software platforms.

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