AI Powered Recruiting Platform for Recruiters
Human Resources

HirelakeAI is an AI-driven platform designed to simplify the hiring process for various organizations. Key features and advantages include:

Comprehensive hiring tools: AI-based JD match, resume extraction, psychometric test analysis, audio and video interviews, and more

Technical assessments: Code and data structure checking, technical interviews via AI-powered bot, and communication skills evaluation

Integration: Easy integration with existing HRMS systems, requiring no paper or extra calls

Use cases for HirelakeAI are ideal for various businesses:

Tech MNCs, SMEs, and startups seeking to streamline their hiring process

Recruitment firms looking to leverage AI technology for efficient candidate selection

HR professionals aiming to improve their recruitment strategies and outcomes

Overall, HirelakeAI offers a turnkey solution for quickly onboarding qualified candidates, enhancing the hiring process for organizations of all sizes.

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