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Create unique AI-generated illustrations. Get early access in public beta.
Design Assistant

IllustrationAI is a powerful AI tool designed to help users create unique and beautiful illustrations with ease. Key features and advantages include:

Wide range of styles: Choose from 3D renders, vector, low poly, Pixar style, icon, and pixel art

Customization options: Remove backgrounds, add custom backgrounds, and edit parts of the illustration

Bulk creation and SVG conversion: Generate illustrations in bulk and convert vector illustrations to SVG files

Figma plugin: Create illustrations directly within the Figma design tool

Use cases for IllustrationAI are ideal for various individuals:

Designers and artists seeking to generate illustrations quickly and efficiently

Content creators looking to enhance their work with unique visuals

Businesses aiming to improve their branding with custom illustrations

Overall, IllustrationAI offers a convenient and user-friendly solution for creating stunning illustrations using AI technology.

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