Human Resources
AI-powered tools to interviewers to conduct great interviews
Human Resources

This AI-powered platform generates questions based on the job category and position you select, so you can be sure that the questions are relevant and effective. In addition to our AI-generated questions, They also offer a range of features to help you manage the interview process.

The platform allows you to save questions, notes, and follow-up questions for individual candidates, so you can refer back to them later and make more informed hiring decisions. InterviewAI will continue developing AI-backed features to make interviewers more effective.

Real-time AI-Generated Questions: InterviewAI generates tailored interview questions in real-time, ensuring they are relevant to the job category and position selected.

Question Library: The service comes pre-loaded with a vast library of interview questions, saving you time and providing a starting point for creating customized questions.

Interview Management: Our platform provides tools to help with managing the interview process, including the ability to save notes and questions for individual candidates.

AI-Generated Follow-Up Questions: InterviewAI generates smart follow-up questions based on a candidate's responses, helping you dig deeper and uncover valuable insights.

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