Build your next travel itinerary from plain text

JOURNEAI is an AI-powered chat-based travel adviser designed to create personalized travel itineraries. Key features and advantages include:

Personalized trip planning: Generates itineraries based on user preferences, such as activities and travel companions

Easy navigation: Utilizes arrow keys and zoom functions for user-friendly exploration

Data-driven: Leverages OpenAI and Google Map data for accurate and relevant suggestions

Free and open: Encourages donations and partnerships to maintain the app, while offering free access to users

Use cases for JOURNEAI cater to various travel enthusiasts:

Vacation planners seeking personalized itineraries for their next adventure

Travel agencies looking for AI-driven tools to enhance customer experience

Social media users who want to share their travel plans and discoveries with friends and followers

Overall, JOURNEAI offers a unique and user-friendly solution for crafting personalized travel experiences.

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