Design Assistant
Magician (Figma)
Magician (Figma)
AI-powered Figma plugin for creative design: Magician.
Design Assistant

Magician for Figma is an AI-powered design tool specifically designed for Figma users, offering creative and efficient features. Key features and advantages include:

Magic features: Text to Icon, Copywriting, Text to Image, Magic Icon, Magic Copy, Magic Image, and more

Automator and Prototyper tools: Quickly create prototypes and automate tasks with ease

Public beta access: 7-day free trial for all users, with affordable monthly and yearly plans

Use cases for Magician for Figma cater to various design needs:

Figma users seeking to expand their creativity and imagination with AI-powered features

Designers looking to streamline their prototyping and task automation processes

Teams and individuals wanting to stay up-to-date with future updates and enhancements

Overall, Magician for Figma offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing the design experience, with a focus on creativity and efficiency.

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