Design Assistant
Generate designs using prompts based on a design system.
Design Assistant

Magify.design is an AI tool specifically designed for designers, helping them create designs based on a design system while offering the ability to edit both the design and design system through prompts.

Key Features:

AI-driven design system support: Create consistent designs adhering to your chosen design system.

Editable design and system: Modify both the design and design system using prompts for customization.

Asset generation: Automatically generate image assets, UX writing, and code.

Seamless designer-developer handoff: Simplify collaboration between design and development teams.

Streamlined workflow: Boost efficiency and reduce manual tasks in the design process.

Use Cases:

• Create and modify designs based on a design system for improved consistency and quality.

• Enhance collaboration between designers and developers with automated asset generation and code.

• Streamline design workflows, reducing manual tasks and increasing overall efficiency.

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