Mailyr writes emails for you inside of Gmail, using the power of ChatGPT.
General Writing
Email Assistant

Mailyr is the new way to email. Add it to Google Chrome and (soon) use the web app! With Mailyr, ChatGPT will write you a professional email, with flawless grammar, in no time.

Key Features:

AI-Powered Email Writing: ChatGPT generates professional emails with perfect grammar, saving you time.

Seamless Integration: Add Mailyr to Chrome and enjoy a smooth emailing experience.

Privacy and Security: Your emails, prompts, and responses are not accessed, sold, or shared with any third parties.

Use cases for Mailyr include:

Writing professional emails quickly and efficiently.

Improving email communication for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Streamlining the email writing process for busy professionals.

Check out Mailyr's short video tutorial to learn how to use this innovative email tool.

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