Generative design software quickly generates thousands of architectural plans for architects, builders & developers.
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Maket is an AI-powered generative design software designed for architects, builders, and developers to generate architectural plans quickly. Key features and advantages include:

AI-driven design: Generates thousands of floor plans based on programming needs and environmental constraints

Project constraint understanding: Allows users to select land sizing and shape, building size and shape, and desired adjacencies between rooms

Instant generation and testing: Quickly create early-stage concepts, test, and visualize in 3D

Collaboration and export: Offers real-time collaboration, a simple interface, and exports in PDF and PNG formats

Use cases for Maket are ideal for various professionals:

Architects, builders, and developers seeking efficient and AI-powered design solutions

Design teams looking for a collaborative and easy-to-use tool for generating architectural plans

Small and large businesses aiming to optimize their design process with an affordable solution

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