Create short clips from long-form videos to maximize social media exposure
Social Media Assistant
Video Editing

Munch is a content repurposing AI tool designed to create, repurpose, and analyze content across multiple platforms. Key features and advantages include:

Generative AI: Extracts engaging, trending, and impactful clips from long-form videos

AI-driven Video Editor: Offers intuitive editing, auto-caption generation, aspect ratio smart-cropping, and more

Auto social post generation: Tailored for TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube Shorts

Coherent clip extraction: Ensures seamless integration of repurposed content

Use cases for Munch cater to various professionals:

Brands and marketers: Maintain relevance in the ever-changing content marketing landscape

Social media managers: Efficiently spread clients' messages across multiple social media platforms

Media agencies: Engage target audiences with repurposed content for increased visibility

Overall, Munch is trusted by over 40K brands and professionals, offering a comprehensive solution for content repurposing and engagement.

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