Ogen AI
Convert links into OG Image / Cover Photo using ChatGPT & Stable Diffusion
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OGEN.AI is a tool that automates Open Graph (OG) image generation using AI technologies. Key features and advantages include:

Automatic generation: Summarizes content using ChatGPT and generates images with Stable Diffusion

Minimal effort: Quickly create high-quality OG images without manual editing

Customization: Customize images by selecting color palettes or adding text

Use cases for OGEN.AI cater to various content creation needs:

Social media posts: Enhance sharing with accurate and visually appealing OG images

Blog posts: Automatically generate cover photos that reflect the content

SEO-related activities: Improve search engine optimization with relevant images

Overall, OGEN.AI simplifies the process of creating engaging and accurate OG images for various online content, saving time and effort for users.

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