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Onesta is a financial advisor search platform designed to help users find the best advisor tailored to their needs. Key features and advantages include:

Powerful search engine: Filter advisors by fee-only, fiduciary, robo-advisor, CFA, CPA, retirement planning, and more

AI-powered assistant: OnestaBot provides educational material and answers finance-related questions

Detailed background checks: Processes SEC registration data for advisors, such as form ADV, for thorough reviews

Advisor profile management: Allows advisors to manage their profiles and share personal information with potential clients

Investor resources: Offers resources like a list of top questions to ask advisors and advice on managing financial windfalls

Use cases for Onesta cater to various individuals:

Investors seeking the best financial advisor to meet their specific needs

Financial advisors looking to showcase their expertise and connect with potential clients

Individuals in need of financial guidance and resources to make informed decisions

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