Unleash ChatGPT across all your Mac applications
Code Assistant

PaletteBrain enables you to unlock the power of ChatGPT across all your Mac applications. Write better, code faster, and get answers to your questions more quickly than ever before, ultimately boosting your productivity with the press of a shortcut.

Key Features:

ChatGPT integration: Access ChatGPT within various Mac applications for enhanced efficiency.

Shortcut activation: Improve productivity by activating ChatGPT with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Versatile use cases: Enhance writing, coding, and question-answering across multiple applications.

Use Cases:

Write better, code faster, and get answers to questions more quickly

Improve productivity with a simple shortcut

Automate common actions like grammar correction, text summarization, and code refactoring

Use ChatGPT capabilities in your daily applications without disrupting your workflow

Experience a seamless integration of ChatGPT across your Mac applications with PaletteBrain, enabling you to work smarter and faster in various tasks.

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