Generative AI for Intellectual Property.
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PatentPal is an AI-powered tool for automating patent drafting and simplifying intellectual property applications. Key features and advantages include:

Automated drafting: Generate spec, figures, and claims with one click, and export drafts to Word and Visio (or PowerPoint)

Visual aids: Create flowcharts for methods, block diagrams for systems and devices, and detailed descriptions of figures

Customizable phrases: Tailor generated content according to user preferences and switch between multiple profiles

Use cases for PatentPal cater to various professionals:

Patent attorneys and agents seeking to streamline the drafting process

Inventors aiming to create robust patent applications efficiently

Intellectual property professionals looking to save time and expedite patent approval

Overall, PatentPal offers a user-friendly solution for quickly generating patent drafts, resulting in faster approvals and time-saving capabilities.

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