Perplexity AI
Perplexity AI
Perplexity AI is a demo AI search engine inspired by OpenAI WebGPT
Search Engine

How to use Perplexity AI?

First, open the website link of Perplexity AIHere, you can ask any question you are interested in, such as who founded Perplexity AI and click the blue arrowFinally, we can get the answer

Development of Perplexity AI

Perplexity uses its own search engine combined with OpenAI’s API. It’s fast, but suffers from inaccuracies in the underlying AI technology from OpenAI. At present, Perplexity AI has set off a huge wave in the industry due to its diverse functions and powerful search functions. Whether the future version of Perplexity AI can compete with Google in the search field,  we still can’t judge. With founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin,Google has begun researching how to refute this notion,   brainstorming strategies to figure out how to get ahead in AI chatbots. This industry is expected to  remain  the center of intense debate in long time.

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