Predict AI
Predicts customer responses on creative assets
Social Media Assistant
Design Assistant

Neurons' Predict is a powerful AI solution designed to simulate consumer attention on visual assets, such as images and videos. Key features and advantages include:

Predictive AI: Measure attention and engagement, optimizing creatives for maximum performance

Trusted by major brands: Increase conversions, improve creative performance, and boost brand awareness

Data-driven design: Maximize creative impact and ensure desired results with AI-driven insights

Integration: Seamlessly works with popular tools like Figma, Chrome, and Adobe XD

Use cases for Neurons' Predict are ideal for various businesses:

Marketing teams seeking to increase CTR, engagement, and conversions

Designers aiming to optimize visuals with data-driven insights

Companies looking to pre-test creatives and compare them to industry benchmarks

Overall, Neurons' Predict offers a cutting-edge solution for optimizing visuals and maximizing creative impact, backed by years of applied neuroscience experience.

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