Generate Q&A sets from PDFs, DocX, or videos; edit & add questions.
Education Assistant

PrepAI is an AI-powered tool designed for creating tailored tests and assessments for various curriculums. Key features and advantages include:

Versatile question generation: Supports multiple-choice, true/false, and statement-based questions

Multilingual: Generates tests in multiple languages

User-friendly interface: Easily upload content in various formats, such as PDFs, DOCXs, and videos

Free to use: Create accurate and high-quality tests without added costs

Use cases for PrepAI cater to a wide range of professionals:

Educators: College lecturers, school teachers, and tutors creating tests for their students

HR professionals: Developing quizzes or tests for employee training materials

EdTech leaders and publishers: Generating assessments for online courses, textbooks, and more

Overall, PrepAI offers a time-saving and cost-effective solution for creating tailored tests and assessments for various purposes.

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