Prisms AI
Prisms AI
The no-code platform for building AI‑powered apps

Prisms is a no-code platform designed for building AI-powered applications with ease. Key features and advantages include:

Large language model integration: Built on top of GPT3, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion for powerful AI capabilities

User-friendly: Connect various data sources and user inputs quickly and easily

Flexible deployment: Deploy applications with a pre-built UI or use Prisms as a backend for custom AI logic

Use cases for Prisms cover a wide range of applications:

Content generation: Create newsletters, cover letters, and more

AI-driven insights: Develop applications for employee performance reviews or personalized offers

Creative projects: Generate unique visuals, such as animal sunsets

Scheduled for launch in 2023, users can join the Prisms waitlist now to access this versatile AI-powered platform.

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