Extend/Generate better AI Art Prompts

PromptExtend is an AI-powered Art Prompt generator tool designed to extend and elaborate starting prompts for detailed art creation. Key features and advantages include:

Versatile usage: Compatible with various AI art creation tools, such as dream.ai, midjourneyAI, nightcafe, and starryai

Ease of use: No sign up or installation required, simply enter the main idea and receive 8-10 relevant extended prompts

Copy-paste functionality: Easily copy generated prompts to the clipboard and use them in any AI art generator

Free and accessible: Available for use on any device and operating system

Use cases for PromptExtend cater to various artists and creators:

AI art enthusiasts exploring the potential of AI in art and experimenting with different techniques

Concept artists seeking new ideas and inspiration for their work

Visual creators looking for unique drawing or painting prompts for their projects

Overall, PromptExtend offers a simple yet powerful solution for artists to leverage AI in generating creative art prompts and ideas.

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