ChatGPT prompt engineering toolkit

Promptmetheus is a development platform designed to help users compose, test, and evaluate one-shot prompts for the OpenAI platform. It enables users to create dedicated AIPIs (AI Programming Interfaces) for their applications, harnessing the power of ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLMs).

Key Features:

Compose prompts with blocks and fragments

Test and compare different models and input parameters

Rate, organize, search, and filter prompt outputs

Estimate cost per prompt execution

Performance visualization for prompts and fragments

Export data as .csv, .xlsx, or .json file


An AIPI is similar to a conventional API, but its endpoints interact with AI models instead of applications.

One-shot prompts deliver predictable output based on a single request, which is essential for integrating prompts into products or automated workflows.

GPT-4 is supported.

Users do not need to be developers to use Promptmetheus, as interacting with ChatGPT only requires reading and writing skills.

Promptmetheus is not open-source.

Data is stored in the user's browser, and there is no database.

Users pay for the OpenAI API usage with their own API key.

Promptmetheus is a free platform that enables users to harness the power of AI for their applications.

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