Get more done faster with contextual A.I. shortcuts

Quickie is an AI multitool extension designed to help users automate tasks and enhance productivity. Key features and advantages include:

Variety of AI applets: Generate ad audiences, name Instagram accounts, convert text to speech, summarize videos, and more

Custom quickies: Create personalized quickies using prompts and inputs for tailored solutions

Wide range of users: Ideal for social media creators, entrepreneurs, students, marketers, and more

Flexible plans: Free version with limited access, and monthly/unlimited plans for additional features

Use cases for Quickie cater to various professionals:

Content creators seeking to automate social media tasks

Entrepreneurs and marketers looking to generate product copy and draft press releases

Students and educators benefiting from text-to-speech and video summarization features

Overall, Quickie offers a versatile and user-friendly solution to automate mundane tasks and boost productivity for a wide range of users.

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