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Resume Worded
Get tailored feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile.
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Resume Worded is an AI-powered platform designed to provide tailored feedback on resumes and LinkedIn profiles for job seekers. Key features and advantages include:

Resume grader: Checks resumes for criteria recruiters seek and offers personalized feedback

Resume targeting: Tailors resumes to specific job descriptions for increased relevance

LinkedIn optimization: Enhances profiles to increase visibility among potential employers

Sample bullet points and resumes: Access examples from top resumes across industries and skills

Use cases for Resume Worded cater to various individuals:

Job seekers looking to improve their resumes and LinkedIn profiles for better opportunities

Career coaches seeking a tool to assist clients in optimizing their job search materials

Educational institutions aiming to enhance student outcomes and offer career support services

Overall, Resume Worded is a trusted solution for job seekers and professionals looking to enhance their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, helping them land more interviews and opportunities.

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