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Roll Art Die
Roll Art Die
Generate AI Artworks from text on Apple Silicon Devices, no cloud subscription needed.
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RollArtDie is an AI tool designed to generate artworks using text inputs, specifically for Apple Silicon devices. Key features and advantages include:

Local and private: Runs securely on-device without requiring a cloud subscription or active internet connection

Empowering artists: Aims to become a go-to tool for AI-generated artworks, similar to Photoshop for digital art

Fast generation: Creates simple images in minutes on an M1 MacBook Air and in seconds on a Mac Studio

Data privacy: Does not collect information on prompts, image descriptions, or generated artworks

Use cases for RollArtDie cater to various artists:

New and existing artists looking to create AI-generated artworks with ease

Digital art enthusiasts seeking a secure, on-device solution for artwork generation

Apple Silicon device users interested in exploring AI-generated art capabilities

Currently available exclusively for Apple Silicon Macbooks, RollArtDie may expand to Intel Macbooks and Windows devices in the future based on popularity.

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