Save time & get key facts from articles with AI-powered summaries.
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Scholarcy is an online summarizing tool that quickly assesses and evaluates the importance of documents such as articles, reports, and book chapters. It generates summary flashcards for Word or PDF documents, presenting the information in a structured and easily-digestible format.

Key Features:

AI-powered summaries: Save time by quickly summarizing large documents.

Summary flashcards: Get concise and organized summaries in a flashcard format.

Automatic reference extraction: Identify key references in the document.

Browser extension: Integrate with open-access repositories and build a searchable collection.

Use Cases:

• Researchers: Quickly assess the importance of articles and reports in your field.

• Students: Save time by reading summarized versions of long documents.

• Journalists: Quickly understand the key points of a document for accurate reporting.

• Librarians: Help patrons find relevant information by providing quick summaries.

Scholarcy is an AI-powered summarizing tool designed to help researchers, students, journalists, librarians, and others save time and quickly digest large amounts of information.

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