TalkBerry Plugin
TalkBerry Plugin
Using voice to interact with ChatGPT

TalkBerry is a chrome extension that adds voice control to ChatGPT. It allows you to interact with ChatGPT using just your voice. With TalkBerry, you can choose from more than 10 languages and start talking to ChatGPT immediately and conveniently. The key features and advantages of TalkBerry include:

Voice control: Interact with ChatGPT using just your voice

Language support: Choose from more than 10 languages

Convenience: Talk to ChatGPT immediately and conveniently

Use cases for TalkBerry involve:

Accessibility: TalkBerry makes it easier for people with disabilities to use ChatGPT

Efficiency: TalkBerry saves time and effort by allowing users to interact with ChatGPT hands-free

Multitasking: TalkBerry allows users to multitask while using ChatGPT

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