Forward your missed calls, or get a number, your AI agent will answer.
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Zencall is a phone call management tool that uses AI to attend calls and redirect them as needed. Key features and advantages include:

New conversation text/email notification: Users can receive notifications via the zencall app, text message, or email when they receive a new phone call and the AI attends it. They can also read or listen to calls in the app.

Send links by text message: The AI can send links by text message to incoming callers, allowing them to place orders, make reservations, or schedule meetings through a URL link.

Unlimited prompt testing: Users can call and test their AI with unlimited free prompts to improve how it answers incoming calls.

Phone number: Users can get a free zencall phone number for their main number or to forward missed or incoming calls from an existing number.

Redirect calls: The AI can redirect calls to a specific person or service, or if it does not know the answer to a specific question.

Use cases for Zencall involve managing phone calls and improving customer service:

Use AI to attend and redirect calls to improve customer service and response times

Send links to customers via text message for easy ordering and scheduling

Test and improve AI prompts to better serve customers over the phone

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