Complete tasks like stacking building blocks
Simplify AI with workflows
What is
Paxi Workflow?
Paxi Workflow is based on the collection and organization of thousands of product combinations, covering most of the task scenarios that AI can complete. In the Paxi Workflow, professionals from any industry can find ways to use AI to improve work efficiency.
How to use AI to improve drawing speed and quality?
How to use AI to write popular copy in batch?
How to quickly improve coding efficiency and quality?
Game developers
How to quickly build 3D models and automatically generate game scripts?
What can Paxi Workflow do?
Classified By Profession Or Task
We've outlined AI models for different professions and tasks, and how to use them together to speed up work.
Improve Work Efficiency
By using Paxi Workflow, you can learn in detail how AI is embedded in our work to increase productivity.
Casual Mix And Match
Combining multiple AI products in any way can create a new workflow that can accomplish unprecedented tasks.
Provide Support & Troubleshoot Issues
If you face any issues, the self-learning AI assistant PaxiAI is always prepared to assist you.
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